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Default I'll Never Need A Repairman's Certificate Again....

When I was a kid, infatuated with anything that flew (still am that kid) and reading every book I could get related to aviation, I came to the conclusion that to be a complete aviator, you needed to be able to fly, design, and work on airplanes. I don’t know why I figured it out that way – just did. So I became a pilot in High School, and went to college to learn to design airplanes. Checked off two of the three. I started working on airplanes when I was thirteen, and have been doing it ever since – but always on either experimental aircraft or under the supervision of a licensed mechanic (when working on certified aircraft). I never had the time to go to a two-year trade school to do the formal training for the A&P, and when I lived in Houston, the local FAA office made it pretty difficult to take the test based on just experience.

Fortunately, the Reno FAA guys have a more enlightened view of the world, and last fall an inspector offered to sign my paperwork to allow me to take the three written exams, the oral exam, and the practical. I finished the writtens in January, and have spent the last two weeks prepping for the O&P. And this morning, I became a licensed A&P! Took the test at Barnes Aviation at Fox Field in the Antelope valley, spitting distance from Edwards (and yes – it's THAT Barnes…..). It took a lot of time to study so that I’d do the tests to high standards, and I can’t thank Louise enough for her support in this endeavor. Now maybe, I can get on to all those other things on the list….

I had to do a riveting project for the Practical - the FAA called it a "complex riveting project". Consisted of riveting a two inch by 2 inch piece of .040 aluminum to the center of a four inch by four inch square of the same stuff, using eight rivets. Mind the edge distance! I was not worried.....
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