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Originally Posted by wirejock View Post
My lines are TS Flightlines but concept is the same.
I basically did. I drilled holes only big enough for fittings. Grommets were installed on the lines as they were snaked through holes then massaged into place in the hole. Not easy but holes are pretty well sealed. A dab of proseal will seal them completely.
I have done this also, however, last time I just split the grommet. So much easier and you can not tell it was cut. Seems to be sealed well enough. No air leaks.
If you donít split the grommet, a heat gun on a low setting helps soften it so you can massage it over the fittings a bit easier.

FYI. I pulled my hoses (older rubber with a Service life) and made hard lines. It is a right of passage to make these lines on a 6. Hose weighs more (a lot more, like a few ounces ), May have a Service life, and, most importantly, its cheating.
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