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Originally Posted by wirejock View Post
This is starting to get an annoying.
The destructions say to grind the columns and bushings to a slip fit into the column weldments. No problem. Note that the control sticks should pivot smoothly on the bushings just like the bellcranks. So the bushing should be a 64th-32nd longer than the column. No problem. Done that. The problem is, in my case, the bushing does not fit well. I had to clean up the hole in the column so the bushing rotates smoothly.
After looking closely at these holes, the welding process leaves bumps inside the hole. They even zip tied the bushing inside the column as if it would fall out. Mine fit so poor, I had to drive them out.
These bushings in the stick are problematic. The tube welded to the stick gets distorted slightly, then the tube is DRILLED, and it is typically no longer round. I have two sticks to prove it. You would do well first to ream the tube for the bushing, then measure both. It will likely be loose, but with a little extra length before installation, it will crush slightly and expand to help fill the gap. More than .001 clearance and the stick will be loose.

I have many more details and a long tale to go with them. Let us know more specifics of your problem.

My original stick was loose, in the tale, a new stick was purchased, still loose, and I made a custom bushing to fit. Fits nicely now, no slop.

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