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Originally Posted by dave4754 View Post
I have purchased a Sensenich metal prop requiring 7/16 bushings in the flange.

My Lycoming O-320-B2C has 3/8 bushings in the flange.

Can anyone help me with the part number needed to order the new bushings?

As usual at ACS no one knows their products and are NO help in determining the required part. is there anyone else to order from, after thousands spent there the frustration of trying to get order help is too much!

For those quick to point out the archives here please point away as I have Searched and have had "nojoy" so far.

Thanks for any and all help.

To get you started a search of Prop Bushings came up with this VAF thread of Changing Prop Lugs O-320. Good info as always with Lycoming SI reference in post #6.

Update: Here is the LINK to the most current SI 1098N pdf dated 2.14.2018.
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