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Originally Posted by Mel View Post
I assume you mean Catto.
After sale support is excellent. When I ordered my prop we weren't sure exactly how much hp I had, since my engine was modified. Craig purposely built the prop slightly over pitched. When I tried it, it didn't do quite what he said it would. I told him I was very satisfied with the performance, but he insisted on my sending it back for rework. Turn around time was about 2 weeks. The prop then performed exactly like he said it would.
I had the opposite issue. Craig was afraid of I wouldn't have enough power so he under pitched the prop for my O-290-D2 (68 x 64" pitch). The problem was that he couldn't "adjust" it upward so I was stuck and he wanted me to buy a new prop. Even at a discount it was well over a grand.

This left me with a very good climb prop but I couldn't hit Van's cruise numbers for this engine / airframe combo.

BTW, I found out that prop is what he sells to the O-235 RV-3 guys and it works great. Heck, I would bet it would even work well in an O-235 powered RV-9. But on my engine, I could spin it 270 RPM past redline at 10,000' DA.
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