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1. An extended canopy cover such as offered by Bruce's Covers works well to keep water out of the cockpit and avionics compartment. If you have the fuel system air vent in the fuel cap make sure the cap is protected from water intrusion while the aircraft is on tie-down.

2. Regarding "gotcha" preflight items:

-- If you have the fuel system air vent in the fuel cap be sure it is open, free-flowing, and has no debris.
-- Give an extra close look at your tires' inflation and tread condition (and brake linings if visible) -- these items are particularly important for aircraft with a free-swiveling nose wheel.
-- Look for any trace of fluid on the belly aft of the firewall cooling exit. The ROTAX 912 typically does not leak oil or coolant.
-- If you store your plane outside in cold-weather country check all control surfaces for freedom of movement and absence of internal ice that could vibrate free inflight and interfere with control movement. Be alert for ice build-up inside the spinner. Freezing rain is nasty stuff both in the air and on the ground.
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