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Default Baggage Capacity

First, I'm brand new to the forums though I've been reading them for several years.
I'm considering building an RV-7 or 7A...providing I can figure out how to ship it over here to the UK where I'm stationed without giving Her Majesty $6,000 in taxes...

As I read through this thread I'm noticing that Aft CG is a potential handicap of preventing one from carrying the 100lbs of baggage advertised by Vans. My wife an I together are around 300lbs, with 100 lbs of baggage and full fuel it seems we may be out of the aft CG envelope assuming IO-360, CS prop, IFR instrumentation, etc even though we'd be under max gross weight. Even if we were okay with full fuel, I'm assuming we would be well aft once fuel burns down after several hours of cruise.

Is this a design "problem", am I missing something, or is this something that can be mitigated by building carefully?

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