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Originally Posted by jim etcheverry View Post
TXflyguy, Shell rotella is a diesel engine oil. Most all diesel oils are both detergent and dispersants. All contain ash as an additive. I am not sure from your post if your using an aviation engine (lycom,Cont) or something other. If something other than you could use the rotella. I am in the oil industry don't recommend any synthetic oil in aviation engines until the lead is removed from Low lead, which really has a lot of lead in it. Read all the information on Moblie 1 in aviation engine it all applies. That is why both Exxon and Shell are synthetic blends. Exxon is I think 50% synthetic and Shell 75%. You need the petroleum help scavenge lead away.I found your original post and I would not use any auto/diesel oils with LL. The problem is the FUEL.
Our engine is an LS376/480. Royal Purple, along with Amsoil and a few other companies were contacted. They all replied that in an auto engine, burning leaded fuel, their synthetic oils would be 100% compatible, and would work just fine. No...I did not mention the word "aircraft".
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