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I did my own wiring and it wasn't that difficult. However, I strongly recommend you have Stein make you a pin out diagram for your avionics. Mine was approximately $400 and it was worth every penny. It clearly showed how to ground each wire, where and how to use shielding, and was a simple as make a wire from pin 12 on this gizmo to pin 4 on this one. In addition to the avionics, I used one of Bob Nuckolls diagrams from the Aerolectric Connection to do the primary electrical wiring. I also purchased the primary electrical materials from B&C. They list everything necessary for each Nuckolls diagram on their website. Both B&C and Stein were quick to answer phone calls when I had a question.
All in all, very enjoyable. You can pull one or 10 wires per evening in the warmth of your home.
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