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Originally Posted by snopercod View Post
I may have missed it, but your ELT will have a (2-cond?) cable to both an audio alert device (I mounted mine behind my head where I might be able to hear it), and a panel-mounted switch/light panel. Both of those need to be accessible because they contain batteries. The buttons/light on the panel are so you can test the unit every three months, and also activate it in case of impending doom.

Again, I may have missed it, but you'll definitely want some USB outlets for battery-powered "stuff".

You'll also want some way of charging your batteries if you're not going to be flying for a while. I have a Cigarette lighter plug for that purpose wired directly to the battery through a 20A 3AG fuse.

I managed to leave off the ELT remote test and activation that is in the IP. So yup, got that covered. The ELT has RS232 into the GTN650 as well. No audio that I have been able to identify.

I have 6 USB ports, 3 front and 3 back. They don't show on the drawings because I have them on a sub-buss with direct battery feed. I'm not sure if I want to leave them there for two reasons 1) When on E Buss power they are another drain on the battery if not watched. 2) could be used too extensively when on the ground draining the battery. Still thinking on that one.

For external charging I have a 'power-let' plug. Basically a motorcycle power jack that will allow up to 20 amps in/out direct to the battery. I found it after the main power distribution drawing was complete and I forgot to add it in.

Thank you for the significant thought and great questions. I will add this stuff to the drawings. We used to call these "as Builts" in the old construction days.
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