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Mark and all,

It would be possible to run flex lines through this area all the way down the gear legs. I don't think that this is the optimal configuration however. The way we run the hoses and fittings gives a really nice and stable secure transition from inside the aircraft to outside. If we ran one line, it would have to be secured in a way to allow it to exit the grommet at the proper angle and then continue down the gear leg. Likely a bracket would have to be fabricated and secured to the floor skin of the aircraft in the correct location so that the hose could exit properly at the right angle and then continue on down the gear leg.

In order to provide a finished, high quality package, this leaves a lot of variability in the fabrication by the builder. We wanted something that would be complete and very easy to install that is very repeatable.

With that said, custom hoses are what we do. Just as a wag, the price difference of going with one hose versus two would be around $25-35 plus the extra fittings. All up it may save about $50, but would be offset with the time required for the builder to fabricate the brackets to hold them in.

One other aside here is that I am not the largest fan of a rubber grommet out the bottom of the fuselage. I prefer the AN fitting.

That's just some quick thoughts on why we didn't go the other direction with this one.

However, if someone wants this package but wants to pursue a different routing/fuselage exit with those two hoses, we are happy to subtract them from the package and then build a set of custom lengths for whatever the builder would like. However, we would need the builder to provide us with the lengths that they would like for those as there would be a lot of potential variables depending on how and where they would exit the fuselage.

Happy building
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