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Originally Posted by ArlingtonRV View Post

I'm not trying to pick nits, but you might want to review Rotax SL 912-016 page 4 section 3.1.2 step 2. They recommend, among other things, that to help prevent preignition/detonation to not climb with WOT at less than 5200 RPM.

After reading that Service Letter I do what I need to clear the ground and once all obstacles are cleared I climb at just above 5200, which tends to give me about 82 knots and 800 - 1000 FPM (solo).

If you set the blade pitch to get the 5200+ rpm at 75 knots (Vy), on take-off, you will easily hit 5800 rpm at WOT in level flight. The recommendation is not practical. A setting that gives you 5050-5100 rpm seems more practical.
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