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Looks good! Order already placed.

My thoughts on the offering:

1. A little pricey for the XM addition (+$615 in the regular package vs +$855 in the IFR package) (hurts. opted to go with XM only because adding it afterwards means a rip-n-replace of the GDL-50R with a GDL-52R).
2. Same thing for silk screen printing $600 vs $650.. (I didnt choose this option, price wasn't a factor)
3. Otherwise pricing was about what I expected, and the package is what has been advertised since last summer.
4. Thought maybe the GMC307 autopilot panel would be replaced with a GMC507 (see discussion here for the differences)
5. TO/GA button?

Perhaps we'll be seeing those price increases in the regular RV-12iS package too. :-(

Lead times for RV-12iS avionics packages are currently as long as six months, due to order backlog.
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