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Default RV-14 Engines

Lots of RV-14s are nearing completion now and many people are deciding to buy Thunderbolt engines from Lycoming where components can be customized. If you're planning to go with EFI/EI for your 390, you may want to discuss deleting some parts which won't be needed with the new system.

Below is a list of parts not required when fitting SDS EFI:

1. Mags, ignition haness, spark plugs
2. Servo, flow divider, lines, injectors
3. Fuel pump and pushrod
4. Flywheel. Note that new Lycoming flywheels lack the 12 tooling holes which we use to mount the magnet drilling block to).

We can supply billet flywheels with trigger magnets already mounted to replace the factory ones. These do have the tooling holes which can also be useful for attaching prop balancing weights.

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