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Way, way back in 2007 we ( the VAF) were offered one the the first batch of group buys by Jeremy Summers of MilSpec. He offered a complete set of his newest 1/4 turn SS fasteners for our RV's at a very fair reduced price. Now speed ahead to November 2017 as I had my kit laid out and ready to install on my slow, slow, slow build RV6-A.
A visitor to my hangar mentioned he thought he heard that the MilSpec fasteners were recalled or AD'd or something but wasn't sure what it was.
Just to be sure, I dropped a line to MilSpec sending photos of what I had to check there status before I started.
Jeremy answered and assured me the fasteners were not recalled and were fine. But then he told me that a better design had been adopted. To my amazement he offered to replace mine which were still in there sealed bags with the newer more robust fasteners. Just that part is fantastic but then he offered to make the exchange absolutely free of charge.
Try exchanging anything after 10 years with any other company. Unbelievable!
I wonder if GRT would exchange my 8 year old EFIS since I haven't used it yet? NOT!
Just think about MilSpec when considering you fastener needs. They stand by their products better than anyone.
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