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Originally Posted by Mich48041 View Post
Did you buy the master switch from Van's?
Good question. I got it from Mouser. Not sure why I didn't get it from Van's. I would have thought that I would have tried them first - don't remember why, it was a while ago.

To check the master switch, disconnect the D-Sub connector from the AV-50000A that goes to the IGNITION MODULE. Then turn the master switch on and measure continuity between pins 13 and 14.
If the master switch is bad and you do not want to wait until a new one is delivered, regulator terminal "C" can be jumpered to terminal "B". The disadvantage of doing that is that in case of smoke in the cockpit while flying, the master switch will not shut down the electrical system. It would be necessary to pull the alternator fuse.
I saw that in the picture in the "Testing a VR" you posted earlier. Wasn't sure what that was for. Good to know ...
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