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There are 3 positions in which to mount the rudder pedals, but as both sides must be in the same position, this works to accommodate pilots only if they are of similar leg length. I'm 6' 4" and my wife 4' 11". I can just fit my legs under the panel with the rudder pedals in the most forward position. I am going to have to add extensions to both the rudder pedal bars & brake pedals for my wife.

You can also add additional seat-back attachment hinges to the floor pan, which does alter the seat-back rake and would move the seat cushion forward or aft. As there is no seat pan (the seat cushions rest upon the floor pan), you would have to construct an entire seat frame (Oregon Aero does this) to utilize a rail, but this would cause you to lose sitting height and add significant weight to the plane - so unless you are short, I don't recommend you do this.
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