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Originally Posted by PHXflyer View Post
I'm at the OP's point of construction as well, and your answer answered my own identical question. But I have a follow-on question: The plans say that just 6 of the 10 holes are to be riveted with "flush aft" using AN426AD3-3.5 rivets. The other four holes along the top call for, according to the plans, to be riveted using AN470AD3-3.5 rivets.

I assume those 4 using standard round-head rivets will be riveted in the same direction as the 6 flush rivets, yes? Does it matter? Or is it just good form to rivet all in the same direction?
The plans try and specify if a specific installation direction of an AN470 rivet is required.
If it doesn't say, it is builders choice.
As a standard practice, it is good to orient the rivet so that the shop head is formed on the thicker material, if there is a difference.
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