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Originally Posted by bkervaski View Post
Bring on the questions!

In the case of VS-702 "flush aft" means just that, the aft side of the part will have flush rivets.
I'm at the OP's point of construction as well, and your answer answered my own identical question. But I have a follow-on question: The plans say that just 6 of the 10 holes are to be riveted with "flush aft" using AN426AD3-3.5 rivets. The other four holes along the top call for, according to the plans, to be riveted using AN470AD3-3.5 rivets.

I assume those 4 using standard round-head rivets will be riveted in the same direction as the 6 flush rivets, yes? Does it matter? Or is it just good form to rivet all in the same direction?
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