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Default Voltage Regulator - Ducati to John Deere (non-RV)

Hi guys!

I'm the owner of a 2007 Sky Arrow E-LSA with a ROTAX 912ULS.

My wife and I live in Mineral Bluff, GA and the plane is based at Copperhill, TN (1A3).

I was led to this site when I Google searched for info on the wiring to a Ducati voltage regulator.

After 10 years and about 450 hours, I'm on my third Ducati, though I'm not 100% sure the first two were bad. Often, the problem of the GEN light staying on could be traced to a bad or burned connection on the multi-pin connector.

Most recently:

A Google image search turned up at least one similar image in this forum.

Cleaning up the connection got things working again, but I'm considering the switch to the John Deere voltage regulator. I would like to ditch the multi-pin connector and just go with individual spade connectors for simplicity.

My main question concerns the 6 conductors on the Ducati vs the 5 on the John Deere.


My understanding is...

1) The case serves as the ground.

2) "Giallo" = yellow, and is the unregulated output of the generator

3) "Lamp" is for my GEN light

4) "Chiave" = key, so probably switched voltage from my Master switch.

My question concerns the "Rosso" = red and the "Batt", and where they would hook to the John Deere:

I think its clear the "Giallo's" go to "AC", "Lamp" goes to "Indicator Light" and the "Chiave" goes to "Ignition Switch". So where do the "Rossi" and "Batt" go? Might they both go to the "B+"? My AMM is no help.

I apologize if this has been covered, maybe repeatedly, but I really want to be sure not to blow anything up if I decide to make the change.

As an aside, has anyone come up with a setup to test the Ducati's?

Thanks in advance and I hope I can contribute in the future.

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