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Default Test flight today

After speaking with TruTrak, they said it was ok to go ahead and test fly and that the increased voltage provided by the alternator might be enough to make a difference in the torque. They also suggested checking for 5V on pin 6 of each servo (torque control line), but we haven't done that yet.

So I took off hopefully today for a short flight. The good news was that when the A/P was off, everything seemed normal and I could barely feel any drag from the servos in the control system. However the bad news was that although the A/P seemed to be doing everything right, picked up the GPS track, was trying to move the stick in sensible directions etc, it couldn't move the stick at all against the cruise speed airflow forces, either in pitch or roll. I didn't try at slow speed but I doubt whether anything would be different given that it didn't work on the ground.

Strangely enough, the servos did seem able to hold the stick firmly with reasonable breakout forces of about 3 lbs at the stick grip. I will call Trutrak Monday afternoon UK time, but in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas or experience?
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