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Default Trutrak Vizion Torque

We just completed the installation of a TruTrak Vizion into our RV-6 today, and the ground test didn't go too well. There's no Tech Support till Tuesday so I'm wondering if anyone can help out. We have not done a flight test yet.

First we had to switch the wires to the roll servo to make it reverse direction (we installed it on the right under the passenger seat so I think that's why). However once we did that, we found that the torque provided by the roll servo is not always sufficient to move the ailerons against the trim spring! I suppose this could be something to do with being on the ground, but it is very surprising. The pitch servo seemed a little better but still very weak. Both servos could be overcome with about 2.5 to 3 lbs of stick force, which seems ok if a little low. They also sound very "notchy" rather than smooth in their operation.

I know that the Vizion doesn't have a torque setting like the older TruTrak A/Ps did, and we tried adjusting a few other settings with no success (not surprising since they are mostly concerned with feedback of which there isn't any on the ground). We tried simulating 85 kts by blowing into the pitot tube but that didn't seem to change the behaviour.

If it wasn't a new installation I would wonder if the shear screw has broken, but since both axes seem to suffer from very low torque, and I know this is controlled by the header unit, I wonder if there is a setting issue or some issue with the header. It's very odd since it's hard to think of an aircraft with lower stick force required than an RV.

If anyone can shed any light or offer any suggestions we'd be very grateful.
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