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Default RV-3A Build Photos?

I'm a ways from having to worry about my wings, but thought I'd put this out there.

I noticed the links posted on this thread are all for -3Bs. Does anyone have access to or have posted online photos of building or modifying Type II wings?

My plane has Type I (pre-1983) spar webs, with a "short" kit that didn't include any bar stock or angle. I have plans for Type II wings (1984 vintage), which incorporate the same spar webs but use thicker bar stock for the caps. So, I'm planning to buy the bar stock to make Type II spars.

This means I"ll have to integrate the appropriate Change Notices into the original build of the Type II wings, so I can be roly-poly & do things an RV was meant to do.

So... some nice color photos of Type II wing upgrading or building (And the F-303 bulkhead and center section) would help ALOT!!

Oh yeah-- and wing tanks. Go ahead, call me nutty. (I have plans & instructions for them!)

Thanks for any help--
Katie Bosman Krotje
Sold my RV-3B project... But she's out there flying somewhere!
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