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Thank you for all the responses!
I pay the extra fee for the AOPA Legal Services every year, and decided to get a little return on my investment. An email was sent to AOPA earlier today, and I heard back from one of their lawyers late tis afternoon. In essence, they don't have a clear cut answer. The consensus at this time, is that I will likely have to utilize the Bill of Sale method, and have a response prepared for the inevitable kiss from the CA Franchise Tax Board.
It is inconceivable that the FAA does not have a well defined process to accomplish a title transfer in the event of death, or divorce from a spouse. I will see what the folks at AOPA have to say early next week. In the meantime, I may attempt to contact the Registration Division at OKC on Monday. I can't say for sure whom I spoke to on my last enquiry, but I did not get very far. Maybe this time!
Thanks again!
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