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Originally Posted by Buster747 View Post
Does anyone have a template for an instrument panel for the rear seat?
I have a solution similar to John (aka LuckyDuck)

If you have an EFIS system which integrates with a tablet, then a simple RAM ball mount is an easy “future-proof” solution.

I have the G3X Touch as my main system and when I have a person in back, I put an iPad with the X-Grip mount and short arm on the ball mount. This give the person in back a moving map, synthetic vision and EFIS wirelessly driven from the G3X Touch.

When not in use, the bare ball mount is a non issue for egress. To Dan’s observations, the passenger will reach the extents of their seatbelts or hit the pilot seat support bar. If they did hit the tablet, it will flatten against the back of the pilot seat.
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