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Originally Posted by fredbauerjr View Post
Hi Anthony,
Yes, we noticed the first link you posted but in my ignorance in using Picasa I think I "lost" the link you posted.
We were trying to re-establish it.
Because you did such a good job building that lovely RV-3 with the open cockpit conversion. I sited your link on my web page as well. Looks as if this link is broken now so I will reroute the link on my page to the one that works.

Happy Christmas Fred and safe landings.
Anthony Johnston
Brit working in Zurich, Switzerland.
1500 hour pilot and ex instructor and examiner.
RV-4 s/n 4572 Emp Kit.
RV-3B s/n 11460 Emp Kit. (In storage).
Anthony's RV-4
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