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Chris said it pretty well. Different engines and props, along with heavy and light pilots will make various RV-8's handle differently. The Doll has the heavy IO360-A1B6 Hartzel combination and is probably as nose heavy as any four cylinder Lycoming powered 8.

The Doll does not like to three point, and getting greaser landings that way is difficult. I have done it, but never with any consistency. Like the others, the Doll loves to wheel land, and is very docile doing so. If you hold her off until the tail is low, with too much sink rate, it is easy to "skip" off the runway as the wing is still flying, and the spring steel gear will make the runway feel like hitting a trampoline. Like Chris said, if you touch down in a near level attitude, most of the fight is removed. Another plus is the visability over the nose is perfect. Consistent grease jobs are not only possible, but easy to accomplish. The lower the tail is at touch down, the greater the difficulty, until you reach a three point touchdown, and the aircraft dances around with plenty of chirping from the tires. I haven't keep a log, but in the 900 hours I've flown the Doll I have probably made two thousand landings. I still enjoy every new attempt.

Remember to hold the aircraft level after landing, feeding in down elevator as the aircraft slows until the tailwheel lowers on it's own, then pin it down with full aft stick.

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