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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
Gather basic EGT data. Climb to 3500 or so, and allow CHT to settle to a cruise value, which I assume to be well under 400. Now lean to a stable peak EGT on the cylinder of your choice. Record the value. Push mixture to full rich, again allow EGT to settle, and record the value. Report back.
Thanks Dan. If the weather behaves I should be able to gather this data tomorrow. I was speaking with another builder here that suffered the same issue. Lower than "expected" flow on takeoff and 420+ CHT in the climb. He too thought he would have to get the servo recalibrated, but after 5 hours of operation, he noticed a significant drop in the CHT, to the point it no longer passes 400degF in climb, so he never adjusted the servo and is now happy with its operation.
I'll report back shortly with data.
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