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Bob: the ram mount design has a quick release that allows you to swing it out of the way to open the glove box, but it does add an extra step to get to the fuses in case of emergency. I simply relocated the fuses to the position called out for in the dual display plans.

Rick: the iPad is not currently connected to anything. I plan on checking the pinouts in the intercom to run audio(itunes) into my headset. Power is currently via the standard plug with a usb adapter, but a hardwired plug is in the works to provide power with the cord stretching across the cockpit. The power is not really necessary as the iPad will run close to 8hrs on a charge if you turnoff the wifi and 3g antennas(not to be confused with airplane mode, which may or may not turn off the GPS antennae). I use flightcharts pro because it fits my mission as a chart replacement. The iPad GPS is great for SA but is not accurate enough for primary navigation. It is MUCH more economical than a 696. Lower initial cost and much cheaper to update. Downside is no weather, but it the perfect companion to my 496.
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