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Originally Posted by Dan Langhout View Post
I've got a tube of 3M Fire Barrier 2000+ in the shop and a couple of SEM tubes of CS-1900 on the way from Sky Geek. Need to get the firewall sealed no later than Saturday and I'm trying to decide if it's worth waiting for the CS-1900 to show up.
Ooooo, an opportunity for direct comparison. Won't help your schedule, but I'd burn check CS1900 if you want to send some.

The only downside I noticed with FireBarrier 2000+ was a tendency to lose its surface adhesion to red hot stainless. On the "cabin" side it remained perfectly intact but peeled and fell off the glowing vertical surface. The lesson is to use it where there is some mechanical grip assistance to help it stay in place....corners, edges, holes, inside passages, etc.

Under direct flame it slowly ablated to powder char, which I assume to be mostly the calcium carbonate component. Thin sections should probably have a metallic shield over the sealant if sealant failure would allow flame penetration. With a shield FireBarrier 2000 would be pretty bulletproof.

It would be interesting to see how well CS1900 resists peel and char.
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