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I built two EAA benches. I put a shoulder of sorts on one so that my DRDT-2 fits on the end at the right height to dimple with the table holding the work on a table-size workbox pad. I liked it because I could put the tables on length to hold a long thing, or on a 90 for others. I also took a large MDF piece and screwed it to both of them to make a single table for a large part of the build. The MDF overhung for clamps and such and when I drilled holes in it I didn't care too much. I took it on and off a few times. MDF has the advantage of being dead flat if you screw it to even surfaces.

Then HF had their wood workbenches on sale. I got two of those. Great for general purpose, and for drill press and all. But all the building was on the EAA benches. Super sturdy zero hassle.
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