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Default Work Tables

I have way too many tables and they are all filled with tools and parts. The more you have just creates an opportunity to not put stuff away and just let it pile up. You do not need the table space I have.

I had two solid core doors laying around so that dictated the table depth at 30 inches which works well for me. But I do not have anything stored on the back of the table, like bins of storage trays. I need / want the entire 30" for the work I am doing.

1) 30x76" - 35" tall EAA style base
2) 30x80 - 35" tall EAA style base
3) 30x59 - 35" tall has a 1/4" steel plate on half of it and it is on wheels
4) 30x30 - 31" tall for vice, belt sander and drill press and band saw
5) 4x8 sheet of plywood on an old kitchen table so it is 30 3/4" tall.
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