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Originally Posted by Rick_A View Post
I started to download my DB updates for my G3X and GTN 750. When I got to my GTN, I discovered that my subscription had expired.

I have been using the $299 Nav Data subscription on the GTN. I decided to check the other bundles before I purchased an new annual subscription.

Even though I still have a few updates left on my G3X subscription (the $149 N America DB bundle), I tried to verify the pricing on that bundle while I was looking. I was not able to find the $149 G3X North America DB bundle on the Garmin website. Does it still exist?

It looks like Garmin now has a combined bundle for G3X and GTN - the cheapest option for US only is $748.

I don't want to buy a $299 GTN bundle if I can't get the $149 G3X bundle when the G3X subscription expires.

Has anyone else run into this problem?
Hello Rick,

You are currently using the annual U.S. Database Bundle for your G3X Touch system, which expires in Dec., and it continues to be available today for $149.95.

You are currently using the annual U.S. Navigation Database for the GTN, which expired this month. It is still available for $299.00 if you want to renew.

Garmin G3X Support
1-866-854-8433 - 7 to 7 Central Time M to F
Please email us for support instead of using Private Messaging due to the limitations of the latter.

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