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Originally Posted by Pietdriver View Post
can CH-2 be done and still accommodate leading edge fuel tanks?
Probably more of an anecdote than helpful information. But because of having the lower inboard skin peeled back for the CN-2 mod, I decided to make truly integral wing tanks. Using epoxy, I closed out the lightening holes in the outside LE ribs with round plates and pop rivets. Then coated the inside of the front bays with "angel hair" fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Installed filler neck, vent line and homemade capacitive fuel sender (tube within tube) from inboard bottom to outboard top). Then closed the lightening holes in the spar web with round plates, epoxy and pop rivets. Finally installed cover/access plates over inboard rib lightening holes. No lower skin stiffeners as the wing tanks were for long range use only -- I would normally only fly with the 25 gal fuselage tank. Months of work. I did get the tanks leak free -- for a while. I guess the repeated heating/cooling by the Florida sun of the epoxy and aluminum caused separation or cracking of the epoxy.

Perhaps would have been more lasting with just proseal -- if possible to get all joints clean enough. And, with help, you could install lower skin stiffeners.

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