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Default Upgraded Panel from Legacy G3X to G3x Touch

So, I originally upgraded from steam gauges to the G3X in 2013 and have been trying to resist the temptation of jumping into the Touch for 4 years now. I finally could resist no are the before and after pictures.

By switching from 3 portrait displays to the GDU 460 and the new GDU 470, I gained about an inch and a half of real estate so that I was able to spread the units out a bit more than before. The downside was I had to cut, paint and label a new panel blank to accomplish this. In flying the old panel over the past 4 years, I had come up with a bunch of small changes I wanted to make anyway so just further incentive to cut a new blank. This is the third panel now in this airplane and they get easier each time. The old panel makes a perfect template to use to make the new one.
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