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Four years ago I sold a 12 that I built from kits purchased from Vans. IMO This was a tastefully appointed airplane and was registered Elsa. The first person that looked at it, paid my price (which was more than I had in it). I do think I got a bit lucky on that sale and I also think the market has softened a bit on 12ís. That being said, I do believe a number of factors play into the resale of our projects. I am convinced that the build quality and paint scheme make all the difference with your resale. Sloppy workmanship that does not follow accepted industry standards will speak for itself. Unfortunately, we see this in the home built world, in spite of the great efforts of Vanís to instruct and educate us to do otherwise. Regarding the paint schemes, now this a biggie, when you first view an on line picture, what forms your first thought? We usually know in a glance if we like it. What you think will be cool and make your project very personal to you is quite possibly going to be a sale killer down the road. It happens all the time.

There are other factors that enter into the resale of our project. Not having phase 1 completed can certainly be a problem, actually a big problem for a 12. We are only talking 5 hours if elsa. It is equally a problem for all exp. built a/c. Having non-functional equipment or poorly repaired damage are other big factors. Another huge factor is non-standard engines. Try selling a 10 with a vortec V-6 or a 9 with an Eggenfellner Subaru in it. I believe the sales figures on 12ís with engines other than the 912 will show significantly less prices and interest.

My comments are not meant to offend. I only mean to remind that if you are going to ďpersonalize ď your project, be prepared for the possibility of a tough sale that might be painful. Also, donít hack up your kit, if you donít understand a step or know what would be an acceptable procedure, stop and find out.
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