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One feature of the 12 that I liked was knowing pretty accurately what it was going to cost me to build a fully optioned plane before I ordered the first kit. When it was finished I'd spent about AUD$1,500 more than my original estimate of AUD$96,000 including tools and paint, which was pretty good in my view (building a US kit is expensive when you live in Australia and have to deal with exchange rates, freight and taxes).

My 12 has been flying for two and a half years now, and would probably sell for around AUD$75,000-$85,000, depending on the market and how long I want to wait for a sale. I'm as much a builder as a flyer, so if it sold for $80k then it has cost me about $17.5k for the fun and experience I gained while building it over a four year period - call it $85 per week. For me that was time and money well spent. Those who are not interested in building would probably see it as four years of flying funds and time wasted. Good luck with your sale Don. Hope you get a buyer soon.

Edit: N941WR makes a very good point. A major part of the fun of building was getting to know so many fine people along the way. It really is a journey.

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