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Originally Posted by sglynn View Post
For places like in the snorkle around the top to make it air tight is there something besides ProSeal that works great? I'd use ProSeal but I need so little and the shelf life is so short it is expensive to use. What about high temp fire wall sealant like 3M-2000? Can I use it in snorkle around the aluminum parts near the top?

Same question for mounting stuff on or thru the firewall. Does firewall sealant act like an adhesive like ProSeal?

Fresh, in-date sealant is certainly the best way to go for sealing RV fuel tanks.

However, "pro-seal" remains a very aggressive adhesive for odd jobs for many years if stored in a refrigerator. I have leftover Pro-Seal (may be Flame Master) in the frig at the hangar that is nearly ten years old and I still use it as an adhesive with excellent results. Using the left-over quart kit has been much more convenient for various glue jobs than buying a new batch every time one of these tasks arise. I used it last summer to seal up some oil leaks on an old O-200 and that engine is practically leak free now.
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