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Originally Posted by Bayou Bert View Post
Steve that looks like a great idea. The cables for the harness don't mess with them?
If you are referring to the seat belt cables, the answer is no. The seat belt cables go forward up high. The wiring for the magnetometers goes down to the floor and forward to the center tunnel. I will see if I have any pics of the harness location. I know that there is no interference with any wiring. I worked hard to make the routing work.

Originally Posted by Bayou Bert View Post
Where did you mount the AHRS?
I fabricated a shelf that I mounted to the bottom of the sub panel and then forward to the firewall. This created a level and plumb surface to mount the AHRS.

As you can see in this pic, I have access panels in front of the windshield so that I have easy access to the area behind the sub panel. (both pics here were taken today as I was working on hard wiring a GDL39 into the airplane.)

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