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Originally Posted by Bavafa View Post
This has been my standard practice as for many others and also EMAG recommends this method. Removing and cleaning the adaptor plug seem like an extra work but it is a good practice for ease of removing when the spark plugs need to be replaced rather just cleaned.
To add clarity, EMagAir does not recommend the same torque application method as that recommended by SDS - the SDS method is highlighted in my earlier post. The EMagAir method, below, is an extract from the current edition of the EMagAir Installation manual, LC114V28

"First, install adapters with the supplied gasket on the spark plugs finger tight. Then, insert the combined assembly (plug with adapter) in the engine and tighten to 18 ft/lb (standard auto plug torque) through the spark plug ONLY. Do not torque the adapter itself.
Note 1: If you install and torque the adapters separately, stresses will be focused at the adapter neck and can cause it to fail during installation."
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