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Originally Posted by rgmwa View Post
Thanks John. My plan was to use mineral spirits, but was curious to know what others do when re-packing these bearings.
Now if I did this right here goes my first post. And yes I started an RV3 kit bought from behind Vans house before the RV4 was done.

When I worked on light AC we always used Stoddard solvent on them. Then were blow dried and packed either by hand or packing tool.

What my comment was about is spinning them with air, while they make a neat noise the results can be deadly. I was working part time in an auto shop and always told people who did bearings not to spin them.
I went back a few years later to visit co workers there and one told me about someone spinning the bearing with air, it sized up ripped one finger off. He managed to call 911, they got there in time to save his life before he lost too much blood. He did loose that finger just a thought.

They also said when I was in aircraft mechanics school that even spinning a bearing by had the force generated could cause them to explode, took there word for it, and doing it dry could damage the bearing causing failure.

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