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Default Inventory List Update

When I inventoried the RV-3B empennage, standard-build wing and tail kits which I received May 10, 2012, there were a few things which were not clear. I called Van's and got some information.

1. The F-303 bulkhead came disassembled and the pieces had a serial number. So did the wing spars. However, the serial numbers didn't match. Van's says this doesn't matter since they are drilled precisely using CNC equipment, and that they haven't been shipping matching serial numbered parts for some time now. No need to panic, they'll fit.

2. Some parts had no RV-3 part number but were labeled as RV-4 parts. Van's assured me that these would fit. Here's a connection:

F-407 is F-305
F-425 is F-323
F-426 is F-325
F-433 is F-328C
F-461 is part of the seat back.

3. There was an "extra" bag of hardware in the wing kit. It's bag 498, containing four bearings and a small handful of rivets. These aren't extra at all. They are for the aileron mounting brackets, which have their own plans in with the inventory list, not rolled up with the wing plans. These are some of the few parts which are prepunched.

4. Since the tailwheel is included in the fuselage kit, that's where you'd need to make the substitution for the lightweight tailwheel.

5. The flap control, WD-305, is 23.5" side to side. The plans say it should be 24". Van's says that the correct dimension is 23.5", as supplied, with the plastic block mounts and that they've been supplying them this length for 20 years.


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