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Default Current project plan

This post describes my current vision for the project at the end--that is, what I want the airplane to be and look like.

Overall, it's a taildragger slider. That's what Dad's -6 is, and I like it. This is now set in stone with the fuselage here.

On the wings, I added outboard fuel tanks similar to Mr. Tuckey's ones, but only holding 12 gal or so each. Total fuel capacity should be about 66 gal. The idea isn't so much to go for long nonstop flights, as to be able to "tanker" fuel for out-and-back without refueling or go further before having to fill up with avgas (I'm planning to run mogas whenever I can). I also added a trim tab to the left aileron and I'm using a heated Piper blade pitot. Hopefully the old static port on that will work for AOA.

In the fuselage, I'll be running a hard line for smoke (might as well do it now) and quite possibly building a narrow center console to hold the throttle, armrest, and engine/fuel switches and knobs. The console isn't set in stone. Other minor mods would possibly be a light/long extension of the baggage area like some guys use for fishing poles.

Engine-wise, a 180hp parallel-valve with electronic fuel injection and a constant-speed prop. Electronic injection means redundant electrical power, so I'll be tweaking the Nuckolls Z14.

Avionics are baselined as Skyview, but I'm considering AFS also. But I'm not investing too much in planning this right now--much will likely change between now and when I'm ready to buy. And if anyone has experience using lighted pushbutton switches (like the NKK UB series) I'm all ears. I'd really like to have the Korry switches like the heavy iron does, but not at $100 each...

Paint: The wife and I are both Georgia Tech alums, so white and gold was the obvious choice. Inside the cockpit will be a light tan and black. The registration is just a placeholder.

RV-7ER - finishing kit and systems installation
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