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Default San Juans & Victoria Part 2

ORS is a delightful little airport. They have daily flights with Kenmore Air that arrive exactly on time at 7 AM, as well as an assortment of other interesting aircraft that were flying all weekend due to the good weather. Everyone is very friendly and hospitable - you might meet Dwight Guss and his dog, who appears to be the airport ambassador. There is a biplane on the field offering rides and a neat little hangar/museum, as well as a nifty little amphib ultralight. You might even run into Richard Bach (author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull) who lives on the island and hangars at ORS - we didn't.

On Friday night, we had decided to camp - both because there was no room in the inn and as a test run for camping at Oshkosh. It was deathly quiet on the airport and we slept soundly after a good day of walking.

Waking up on Saturday morning, we left our tent set up, and packed up for a trip to San Juan Island, planning to land at both Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor. The Missus used the wing for a...dare I say it - VANity? (She's gonna kill me)

We launched early and did a brief flight around the islands (didn't see any Orcas). Everything is so close together you don't need RV speed to beat the ferries. An example of what we saw from the air...

Then we dropped in and landed at Roche Harbor. DO NOT MISS ROCHE HARBOR. It is small and there is a $10 landing fee, but it is beautiful and we had perhaps the best crab omelette in our lives at the Lime Kiln Cafe on the docks.

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