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Default My 1998 6A is getting an upgrade at last

Seven years in the planning, six months in execution, it;s almost ready to emerge from the basement, come off the buck, and see if she fits in the real cockpit. I'm estimating another month from the time I gut the existing avionics to when I have the gal airworthy again.

DC power and switchology wiring first

Modular panel approach

Fire-baked flat black finish before P-touch white-on-black labels and matte clearcoat (Krylon)

Second pair of eyes and a keen nose for escaping magic smoke are always a help with big projects like this

The "buck" includes panel to F/W rib emulation to allow an avionics tray for the Trig TT22, TY91 transponder and comm, the MAP sensor, GPS module and single AHRS (all GRT stuff)

Service loops and fuse block buses, lacing tape galore. No more of the sloppy wiring rat's nest I've endured for 17 years. I can do better!

Lights on. 10'4" HXr. The Trio ProPilot that goes in the hole below the Mini-X is already in the old panel for familiarization. When the time comes, it will be a plug and play insert into the new panel, thanks to some adapter cable commonality I pigtailed in to the old and new panels for servo connection.

Now comes the death by a thousand cuts of programming, connecting the new to the old, and seeing if the Trig radio intercom works as advertised.


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