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Default Consider the EXT900-VNT

I just want to put in a word for the EarthX EXT900–VNT. A little more expensive and a bit heavier than the unvented version, but unique among the lifepo batteries available now in that it features a containment vessel and a pair of vents intended to overboard noxious gasses that would be generated in a thermal runaway scenario. It is really the only lithium battery out there designed to be safely mounted inside the passenger cabin, a far more battery-friendly environment than any firewall-forward location.

Here is the company page:

I have a pair of these around which I’m designing a fully redundant twin battery system with enough ampacity to allow not only dual lightspeeds, but a fully redundant twin-electric fuel pump system that will allow me to completely eliminate the engine driven fuel pump from my Airflow Performance FI. I’ll be rotating in a new battery every other year, and slowly populating my cars, trucks, and farm equipment with the ones that are removed from my RV.

The cool thing is that the pair of EarthX’s together weigh 5# less that the one PC680 now mounted on my firewall, and will bump my total CCA from under 200 all the way to 800 Amps! The master will be on-off-on so, except when starting, only one can be engaged to the main bus at a time, with the other being charged via a Shotky diode. I’ll fully document all of this next Winter on VAF.- Otis
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