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Not sure this is a "gotcha", maybe it should be added to the "common mistakes" spreadsheet even though it is not a mistake. It is more "it makes life easier".

So I am installing the WH-00125 and other electrical stuff in the fuselage and I found it relatively annoying to install the ground wires for the sticks and the 12 V power supply.

Van's should supply jumper wires for the stick which are a ring terminal to a spade terminal, then have a spade terminal on the WH-00125. Then one could install the ground jumper when before the parts are put in or when they are installed but easy to access. Since the ground wires for the sticks are relatively long, just clip off the ring terminal and replace with a spade terminal and make the jumper wire yourself.

The 12 V power supply would be even easier. All that one needs is a 4" wire with a ring terminal and a female spade terminal and attach to the rib during installation. Again, why van's doesn't supply this wire in the fuselage kit is beyond me?

Maybe ground wires aren't supposed to be spliced, so this would be a stupid idea.
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