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Default RV-3A Fuselage tank Rebuild?

My 1981 RV-3A has the original design sheet metal riveted and sloshed integral fuel tank. The skin of the airplane in front of the cockpit IS the wall of the fuel tank. The sealant and/or sloshing of the fuel tank are failing. The fuel is being contaminated with particulate and the tank leaks. The airplane has already been upgraded to a 3A so redoing the wings doesn't seem like the best option right now.

What I am looking for is:
1) An RV-3 welded fuel tank (the tank Vanís used to sell, new or used) or plans for the welded fuel tank or any information about someone that can manufacture the welded design fuselage fuel tank

2) Any plans that may exist for modifying an RV-3 with the original integral fuel tank design to the to the Vanís welded fuselage fuel tank design and/or

3) Suggestions for someone that can do the welded aluminum fuselage fuel tank upgrade to my RV-3A or implement another solution. I've asked Jay Pratt and Chuck Olmstead in TX, and neither seem to have availability this winter when I'd like the project done.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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