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Question wire harness with bag labelled WH-00057 "R2"

I ran into the short wire (C1036 & 37) problem when I installed my wire harness (bag labelled WH-00057 "R2") with the C410P connector plugged into the F-01406B Bulkhead and then pulled the harness aft towards the F-01412 Bulkhead.

However, if I taped the C409P connector to the F-01412 Bulkhead and pulled the harness forward towards the F-01406B Bulkhead I ended up with almost 2 inches of wires (C1036 & 37) extending past the F-01406B Bulkhead! Wires (C723, 1038 & 39) end up too long by a few inches and need to be looped.

Since my harness is labeled "R2", is this one of the newer harnesses?

Do others with the issue also have the "R2" harness?

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