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Originally Posted by Av8rRob View Post
Good info thanks. I will delete the vans battery box and use the convertible one from earth x to give options. Besides moving the elt, another possibility available is buying a lighter weight tailwheel.
The tailwheel has about the longest moment arm on the airplane, so that's a good place to save a few ounces if you can. Also if you use a light coat of primer on the empennage and single stage paint (instead of base/clear) those things all add up. Another thing some people do is to add fiberglass to cover the gap between the empennage tip fairings and the aluminum structure. That plus several layers of high build primer to blend the tips seamlessly into the rest of the structure also adds weight (and time). IMHO a nice clean joint where the fiberglass tips meet the aluminum looks nice and it's easier and lighter weight too.
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